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a motivational healing arts organization

a motivational healing arts organization

a motivational healing arts organizationa motivational healing arts organization



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Messenger Productions is a healing arts organization specializing in motivational presentations, performance coaching and event planning. Founded by Akua Taylor upon graduating from Fisk University,  Messenger Productions began with Akua recording positive music in friend's college dorm rooms. She independently released music online and sold CD's when she performed.  Akua then moved to New York City to pursue the arts.  Taylor created the motivational show "Reach Higher" for Elizabeth, NJ schools and performed during Black History Month.  She then recorded and released song "Approve" which evolved into a workshop for abused women and children in domestic violence shelters.  Akua was the producer, director, playwright and narrator of play "Song Lake," which debuted at the Atlanta Black Theater Festival October 2018. 2019 celebrated the production of the music video for house track "Free."  Messenger Productions creates motivational presentations, live music, original plays, and performance coaching experiences for all ages.


Our Current Work

Our Continuing Work

Our Current Work

New single "I Flow" Lyric Video out now on YouTube.  

Streaming on all music platforms soon!

In early 2019, Akua Serwa Soadwa, Founder of the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project, asked long time sister friend,  Akua Taylor, to create a song that she felt would create healing within the lives of girls & women of African descent for the 11th annual Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit in Brooklyn, NY.   Akua Taylor accepted the challenge and created the song “I Flow”. 

On March 9, 2019, over 50 girls and over 30 women from across the tri-state area attended the Summit, and although Akua Taylor wasn’t able to physically be there because of a previously scheduled performance, our Sista-2-Sista team member and extraordinary vocalist B. Anderson (@blackearthwisdom) taught the girls how to sing the song.  We collectively sang the song and we could not stop singing it!

In September of 2019 Akua Taylor and Akua Soadwa produced the recording of "I Flow" at Itchy Brain Studio in Atlanta and we are proud to share this song with you now, as we all seek to anchor ourselves in our internal knowing during the health pandemic of Covid-19.

Our intention is that this song speaks to you deeply, and that it becomes a personal anthem for all people as we collectively remember who we have always been. 


Our Continuing Work

Our Continuing Work

Our Continuing Work

Song Lake:

Song Lake is a theatrical music healing experience. Part stage play and part live music, Song Lake is the story of three angels who gather all the problems of the world and pour them into distant lake to heal the community. Akua narrates the story between original songs that encourage the audience to participate, sing along and heal themselves with the words. Song Lake is an artistic response to recent protest movements, current events and human suffering. 


Approve is a workshop for abused women designed to help participants heal from past trauma and move forward renewed.  Akua demonstrates how to use word sound power combined with movement and vocal energy as a source of strength.  The Approve Workshop is especially for small gatherings, shelters, safe houses and support groups but is also great for conferences, retreats or spiritual gathering. 

Reach Higher:

Reach Higher is an interactive, multimedia presentation for youth that encourages students to strive for their goals and believe in self.  To Reach Higher, students are reminded to 1. know their ancestry, 2. work hard, 3. let no obstacle stop them and 4. love who they are. Akua sings original songs and uses powerful demonstrations to engage students of all ages. 

ASSATA: One Woman:

A one woman play about Assata Shakur’s story from her own words. 

Akua tells Assata’s story through 10 different characters, dance, music and poetry.    Originally performed at Fisk University as her senior dissertation,  Akua wrote ASSATA: one woman to raise awareness around the inhumane treatment of political prisoners. 



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